About Marketopia

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Marketopia is created and maintained by Envato users for the purpose of gathering useful information about Envato marketplaces.

After using ThemeForest and CodeCanyon for years, we were sure that although these two websites are great marketplaces, there’s still something missing.

Envato API was improved over time and a few months ago, we did a comprehensive study on these two marketplaces and the API. The results confirmed the possibility of creating Marketopia, but it was extremely complex. We spent many months creating a robot that gathers information using the API. And finally, we made it! It was December 2013 when we made sure that the robot works 100% fine.

During the last few months, parallel to robot development, another team worked on a user-friendly UI. We tried to keep things similar to Envato marketplaces as much as possible, while creating uniqueness and more simplicity.

In the last days of December, when all our friends were celebrating Christmas and the new year, our team members spent all their time on Marketopia in order to prepare and launch it as soon as possible. And here it is! Marketopia was completely tested, verified and launched December 27th, 2013.

Our main goal is to facilitate browsing marketplaces for users, and help authors increase their earnings by watching current market trends closely. In general, the services we provide for now are:

  • Statistics on items, marketplaces and authors (for both ThemeForest and CodeCanyon)
  • An advanced search system with hundreds of filters
  • An estimation system that estimates item sales by the end of current week and predicts next week’s popular items list

At Marketopia, we respect your feedback and try hard to provide you with whatever you need. What you see right now is made by many experts, spending months of time, on something that’s completely free to use! If you want to help us keep bringing you more features everyday, please share Marketopia.net with people you know, and let us know what your opinion on our services is. We appreciate it a lot!