Beta2: Fresh Minimal Design

New Beta 2 design is fully responsive

New Beta 2 design is fully responsive

Now you can browse ThemeForest and CodeCanyon items and statistics using your iPad or iPhone!

Today, one week after releasing Marketopia BETA, Marketopia BETA2 was released. It went through major changes in the user-interface, which made it responsive and compatible with all the major browsers and devices.

The new design is following the latest trends. It is more minimal, shows you only the information you need, and creates a better user experience.

We’ve been monitoring the website 24 hours and it helped us to fix a few bugs in the first hours of launching the website. We also received feedback from a few visitors that was very helpful.  Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you and other users of ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

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  1. h2theme says:

    in one word ; It is amazing .Thank you

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